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Welcome to the Website of the Very Rev. Archimandrite Jack Khalil (Ph.D), Associate Professor of New Testament Exegesis, University of Balamand, St John of Damascus Institute of Theology

Our guests are invited to read theological articles, mainly biblical, and follow weekly sermons, or get some exegetical information about the Sunday readings of the year. It will be also possible to exchange pastoral, and theological thoughts and opinions with the host.

Furthermore, our guests can follow Church news and the latest activities of the host in the St John of Damascus Theological Institute in the University of Balamand.

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Written on 03/02/2017, 09:13
2017-02-03-09-13-18محاضرة الأرشمندريت يعقوب خليل "شوكة في الجسد، ملاك الشيّطان" في المؤتمر البيبلي الخامس عشر للرابطة الكتابية "رسالتي كورنثوس الأولى والثانية" في جامعة...
Written on 30/01/2017, 20:57
wcc-world-council-of-churches-faith-and-order-commission-meets-in-bossey-switzerland#WCC World Council of Churches #FaithAndOrder Faith and Order Commission, meets in Bossey, Switzerland to analyse the text "The Church: Towards a Common Vision"    

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Sunday of the Paralytic

Epistle Reading:
Acts of the Apostles 9:32-42

Gospel Reading: 
John 5:1-15

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