BJJ Stars returns on October 21 for an 8-man light-weight grand prix in memory of Leandro Lo. The brace will certainly include IBJJF globe champs Meyram Alves as well as Matheus Gabriel, plus leading celebrities like Pablo Lavaselli, Luiz Paulo, Israel Almeida as well as even more!

And Also, BJJ Stars will certainly include 9 premiere superfights in both gi as well as no-gi layouts. Generally occasion, Mica Galvao will certainly deal with Isaque Bahiense. Additionally on the card, Fabricio Andrey will certainly handle Samuel Nagai, Thalyta Silva will certainly deal with Bia Mesquita, as well as Jansen Gomes will certainly deal with Marcos Petcho.

Customers beyond Brazil can enjoy the occasion survive on FloGrappling. Those seeing from Brazil should access the occasion via BJJ Stars pay-per-view system right here.

Ingridd Alves vs Sabatha Lais

Ingridd draws guard to begin, as well as brushes up from solitary leg x to increase 2-0. Sabatha mosts likely to 50/50 guard as well as both professional athletes obtain a delaying telephone call not long after. Sabatha winds up on the top without racking up, as well as Ingridd obtains shut guard as well as come through the moment to win 2-0.

Viktor Doria vs Roberto Godoi

Match of 2 masters globes champs right here. Some stand activity for the initial min up until Doria draws guard. Both individuals obtain a delaying fine, however neither has the ability to obtain anything going as the suit finishes 0-0. Godoi takes the consentaneous choice as well as obtains the win.

Maria Claudia vs Anna Rodriguez

Maria draws quickly as well as Anna solves to a pile passing placement. Maria attempts to reduce her down with a lapel, however Anna completes the pass as well as winds up in north southern. Anna obtains knee on stomach and afterwards install as well as is up 9-0. Anna mosts likely to a triangular from install, rolls to her back as well as completed with an armlock regarding 5 mins in.

Matheus Gabriel vs Wallison Oliveira (Event Round 1).

Matheus draws guard to begin points off, brushes up with a berimbolo from de la riva to increase 2-0. Wallison returns to his feet as well as Matheus draws once more. Matheus sweeps a berimbolo from de la riva once more as well as is up 4-0. Knee reduced pass and afterwards an armlock off the underhook as well as Matheus Gabriel wins by entry.

Meyram Alves vs Pedro Maia (Event Round 1).

Pedro draws as well as Meyram is assaulting continuously from top. Pedro resist to his feet as well as it is still 0-0. Meyran with a guard pass and afterwards a back require to increase 7-0. Meyram wins with a last rating of 7-0.

Israel Almeida vs Darlan Casaca (Event Round 1).

Almeida draws guard to begin as well as brushes up from solitary leg x to increase 2-0. Almeida winds up on base once more without quiting any type of factors, moves as well as is up 4-0. Guard go by Almeida obtains him the last rating as he wins 7-0.

Pablo Lavaselli vs Luiz Paulo (Event Round 1).

Luiz Paulo obtains the benefit after turning up from a dual guard draw to begin. Luiz Paulo piles Lavaselli as well as ultimately requires the turtle. A close back take however no factors, as well as Luiz Paulo winds up in top control however without factors. Luiz Paulo is up a couple of benefits. Luiz Paulo wins by benefits.

Pedro Machado vs Cyclist Zuchi.

Zuchi rises a benefit early to begin the match.Not much takes place right here, Zuchi wins a 0-0 suit on benefits.

Bia Mesquita vs Thalyta Silva.

No-gi ADCC policies match. Mesquita obtains a pair takedowns as well as wins 4-0.

Marcus Petcho vs Jansen Gomes.

An additional ADCC policies no-gi suit. Gomes with a very early takedown from a bodylock. Passes the guard as well however it is still throughout the no factors duration. Suit finishes 0-0 however Jansen wins the umpire choice.

Matheus Gabriel vs Israel Almeida (Event Semifinal).

Gabriel obtains the guard pull as well as brushes up fast to increase 2-0. They trade moves as well as ball game is 4-2 Gabriel. Matheus Gabriel wins 4-2.

Meyram Alves vs Luiz Paulo (Event Semifinal).

Suit invested the majority of the moment on the feet, with Alves winning a 0-0 suit by 1 benefit.

Paulo Miyao vs Alexandre Vieira.

No-gi ADCC policies match. Paulo drew guard as well as tried an arm in guillotine to begin the suit. Paulo winds up completing the suit with a heelhook from 50/50.

Samuel Nagai vs Fabricio Andrey.

No-gi suit. Nagai draws guard. Very little occurred, however Nagai takes a 0-0 umpire choice after almost battling up near completion.

Isaque Bahiense vs Mica Galvao.

No-gi suit under ADCC policies that begins with some fumbling. Mica dives for a heelhook effort to take it to the ground. Mica draws guard off a breeze down by Isaque near completion as well as Isaque victories by an unfavorable.

Meyram Alves vs Matheus Gabriel (Event Final).

Meyram begins with the dual guard draw benefit. Matheus ratings promptly to increase 2-0. Meyram battles approximately a solitary with regarding 2 mins left. Meyram incapable to complete the solitary leg as well as Matheus hangs on to win 2-0.